Sleeping with wet hair, what works for me.

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Hey guys, I think I've gotten the hang of my products, my hair is soft but not limp, and it does curl when I let it air dry. Problem is, my schedule is like, death personified. I have a really early class for university and I have an hour and a half commute. Washing in the morning really isn't an option. Showering in the early evening gets muddled due to late fitness classes that I would really rather shower after.

So, sadly, I've been washing about an hour before I go to bed and had been waking up with flat, frizzy hair after sleeping with it in a wet mop around my head. Diffusing in any way makes my hair explode, even the... Pixiecurl method, I think it's called. I have to squeeze the water out as gently as possible with a t-shirt and not touch it with anything to get it looking lovely. I tried sleeping with my hair plopped in a t-shirt, but it wouldn't stay on every night and the nights that it did, my hair was still doing funky things. I woke up one day with a curl that decided to hang right in front of my nose, and it changed direction halfway down the curl. I've realized that this is not helping my natural curl pattern and have been trying strange things at night that make my family think I'm nuts.

I think I finally found something that works. -grin-

Complicated to explain, easy to execute. You need...
wet hair, or I suppose it would work as well as pinapple-ing for some who want to keep frizz away from dry hair.
A wide, cloth headband. ( something like that with elastic to help it stay on your head at night.
A bit of practice.

When you have squeezed out the moisture and applied all your leave in products, you need to gather the hair at the back of your head loosely with both hands. Then, scrunch it so that it's in a loose bundle at the nape of your neck. Arrange the hair so you can hold it in one hand and pull one hand free. Here comes the complicated bit.

Arrange the headband so that the wide cloth part is spread out completely, and pick it up so it drapes over your spread fingers. Then, place this hand over your bundle of hair and remove your first hand. You should now have your hair under the ‘front’ of the headband and the elastic bit hanging at the back of your head. Take your first hand, now empty, and grab the elastic, pulling it over your head and over to your forehead. I find it stays on my head best when I have the elastic bit just above my eyebrows.

It should look like you have no hair at the back of your head. Different from plopping because plopping mostly scrunches the front and top of your head, leaving the back out of the actual scrunch. Yes, you may look a little ridiculous. My ‘bangs’, well, the shorter hunks of hair I have at the front of my head, don’t quite fit in this funky do, but I’ve never had problems with them frizzy out when left to their own devices, so this is fine for me. If you need some kind of hold for shorter hairs in the front, maybe shove those into a pineapple? I’m not sure, haven’t tried that yet.

Why this works for me.
I never had problems with the front of my head curlwise. Even when using cones and sulfates, it formed lovely ringlets with very little frizz. The back of my head needs serious help keeping volume and curl definition and staving off frizz. This helps my hair dry scrunched, adding volume and keeps it from getting frizzy when I roll around in bed. I tried the pineapple, but it stretched out my back curls too much and didn't help them retain volume or curl at all. I think that it would work with dry hair, but my hair is a little messed right now and requiring a daily wet to keep it under control -- hoping for second day hair as I get farther into my CG-ness. :) So, basically, a really mucked up half-pineapple-upside-down-scrunched-mess that makes my hair retain its curl and dry with minimal frizz AND lets me go to bed with wet hair. If anyone else is having problems with the back of their heads, this may work for you.

(Products used, in case you’re wondering:
•co-wash, Giovanni Triple Tea Treat Invigorating Conditioner
•rinse out, Nature’s Gate Lemon and Chamomile Moisturizing Conditioner
•leave in, Pure and Natural Daily Light Conditioner
•no curl cream or anything... yet
•gel (applied to absolutely soaking wet hair in the shower), HEBE Set Me Up Gel)

Sorry for the length and the potential non-understandable-ness. When I have wet hair again I'll take pictures to try and explain better. :) Hope this helps someone else the way it's been helping me so far. Here's to happier curl days and the hope that this continues to work for me.


  • kaysarakaysara Registered Users Posts: 152
    I really love this idea! Would love to see pictures when you get a chance.
    3a/2c, medium texture, thick and dense, normal porosity/elasticity. Cone free since 5/1/09.

    Low Poo: SheaM C&S
    Condish: GFS&SZero or SheaM WCR
    Stylers: UFDCM + LALSG
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    I think this method deserves more attention! I was pretty skeptical that it would secure my hair, since mine is so thick, but it did. I put a towel over it and plopped it (just twisted the ends of the towel and tied it back, over the headband) for extra stability.

    I have really stringy waves and I got excellent clumpage and way less frizz with this method, opposed to pineappling or plopping. Plus, those methods would cause my roots to come out all wonky and stiff, and this really reduced that.
    Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
    HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner
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    This is an interesting idea! Could you post a pic of video of how it works? I'm having trouble visualizing!
    waves, loose coils, and cherub curls (=mixed 2s through 3a), very fine texture overall (but with medium and even coarse strands scattered throughout)
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    Er...maybe I can help. Probably not but I'll give it a shot.

    It looks like you're wearing a hippie headband.
    Except in those, the whole headband is skinny. When you use a cloth headband it's wide in one part.
    This wide section goes in the back, at the nape of your neck, and is where all your hair is stuffed into. You gather your hair like you're going to tie it into a bun but spread out that wide part around your hair.

    That probably made it worse... :angry3:
    Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
    HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner
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    No, the picture and wide-band explanation made it sooo much better for me. Thank you, I'm going to try this method soon!!
  • waviewavie Registered Users Posts: 237
    Glad I could help! Hope it works for you, let us know :)
    Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
    HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner

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