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I'vejust found and Awsome website that has almost everything a curly could ever need. I said almost because, what for it, drummrole please..:toothy1:... it has everything BUT CONDITIONER. I found while looking up carrot seed shampoo bars bc afroveda was all out....and so was every other site i went to( which ws like 5- how could they all be sold out???:>) they have atleast 17 shampoobars that i know of, not including all the other stuff they sell. Here's a list.
  1. Shapoo Bars (duh)
  2. Soap Bars
  3. Shaving Soap
  4. Wipped Cocoa and Wipped Amela Butters
  5. Dog soap
  6. Butterbars
  7. Lotion Bars
and lots of other stuff I'm to lazy to type. everything is all natural. they even use freash rainwater: tell me thats not dedication. there stuff sounds great, and, from what i read, if you use these shampoo bars you may not even need conditioner. there's some for everyhair type Website below :dwarf: < he's just too adorible (:5)

!i!i!i!i!HOPE THIS HELPS EVERONE!!i!i!i!i!
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    yup, CV is all over this forum,strips the color right out of my Fine,3a hair, and coming from hard water,turns into a waxy mess, that takes tons of vinegar water, and conditioner to unmatt,and most have very high ph,plus Im sensitive to most of the samples I got(sighghgh) back to cowashing, or looking for a GENTLE cream cleanser,like JC, or CJ.
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    There is a long thread on CV in the Reader's Product Reviews forum.

    CV was horrible on my hair, but I have found other shampoo bars that work for me.
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    Hey CV is awesome !! they actually do have a conditioner. It is the Butter Bar Conditioner Shampoo Bar. I was talking to one of their representatives one day and the company was debating on whether or not to keep this particular item in the shampoo bar section because technically it is a conditioner with very very mild cleansing properties. And also many other conditioners on the market are like this as well. I hope that helps you out a lil bit:nike:
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    This place is about 20 mins away from me. I might go check it out.

    HEY NINJA!!! I think we should go (if they have a storefront) and do lunch!!

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