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Wow, :!:
I'm so excited that we Curlys actually have a website just us! I found a link in womansday magazine and had to see for myself. I'm in Massachusetts and I've been curly for 51 years now. I have a tough time when I go to get my haircut, I always end up with it the same old short bob. I've let it grow for a while now and it is at my shoulder, do you think that at my age, I should have longer hair or not? Thanks in advance for any comments you have....have a great day and nice to meet you! Lori :D


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    Welcome autilorry! We are glad that you've stopped by! You'll find here a lot of great tips and support.
    I think that at your age you should have any hair length that you want! 8)
    Long hair, short hair, we'll support you!
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    I have found an adorable cut for my hair while browsing around on this site...I now have Bangs and the cut has no bangs, so that will be interesting for me to change. I've decided to just let it grow....and see what happens. Lori :wink:
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    Hi Auntielorry,

    Glad to have you here! I agree that you should grow your hair as long as you like. What's age got to do with it anyway? :roll: I am growing out bangs myself and recently got layers after having my hair one length with bangs for over 20 years. :shock: Good luck on your hair adventure!!! :)
    My hair is not the boss of me!!!!

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