just done Encanto BKT

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Hi All
I'm a male, with 6 inches of hair, and have just done the Encanto BKT

Its the same day stuff, that you dont have to leave in for 3 days

It does contain the 1.7% of forma...whatever its called

overall pleased, although a little too straight!!

Its a longer process than chemical straightening
The results are better though, with chemical (perm solution) route, you can get it frizzy if you mess up your hair, but with this route, it dries straight, and you cant mess it up

i didn't suffer from the watering eyes, but i've got a headache now, but i've had a lot recently, so could be unrelated.

It says to wear a mask, but i only did when the treatment was wet on my hair

it says you can use shampoo with sulphates (salt?)
but results last better if you use stuff without sulphate

i'm pretty sure that if i washed my hair with bog standard shampoo i would not notice any difference

so overall i'm pleased, my hair is tough, and healthy looking, but hoping it chills out a bit so i can wear it surfer ish

i'm going on hols soon, so not sure if i need to keep my hair out of chlorine / sea(salt)


  • quadequade Posts: 18Registered Users
    day2 and woke up with a big headache, and have had it all day, 2 paracetomol and 2 brupofen haven't really touched it

    i've also felt a little sick, which is very unlike me
    i'm a little concerned about it, but it could be a coincidence

    anyway, washed hair, was a little less straight today, but only a slight curve (air dried)

    the frizz has gone, so i'm gald of that!
    i cant see it lasting very long but i'll report back with more info
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Please do!
  • quadequade Posts: 18Registered Users
    Ok, so it's day 6 and I've been washing every day, the curl has started to come back a bit which is great, mostly in the root, so the hair is being weighed down on root, but this was a 10 sec wet hair with gel style, so not bad cnsidering!
    Looks a bit better now, no frizz still and is very smooth and soft
    headaches are still present, but belive it to be sinus related

    it's so easy to manage now!
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Is it wavy and loose? Do you have before and after pics?
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    Interesting to read bout your headache. I did the BKT 3 days ago and have been really sick and nauseous for 2 days (feels like a construction site drilling in head).
    But am fine now and enjoying all the straightness. ( mine had 2% formaldehyde, and I did it at home).
    Glad to hear that your hair looks good even if the head's still getting a battering.
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    I considered Encanto, because it's so cheap and you get lots of product, but the fumes, i hear, are awful! How did you hair come out? any pics?
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    I'm curious too. They have great feedback on ebay and Facebook. But I don't think this lasts as long as some other brands. I do like the less than 24 hour wash out time though.
  • quadequade Posts: 18Registered Users
    Sorry for the massive delay in replying
    I've done lots of these over the past 2 years

    They can last upto 3 months IF you get the conditioner bit right
    Too much and you get a headache
    Too little and the results only last 2 weeks to a month

    The results are fantastic, frizz free, manageable hair that drops out slowly

    However, there are fumes, so you MUST wear gloves and mask and ideally get a fan and open some windows

    I've done applications without the right ventilation, and others with the right ventilation ( no headaches)

    I would like to try another product just to see if it smells less / is a quicker process?
    Anyone done encanto and other that can comment?

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