Deva Low Poo and Confident Coils! :]

toriamarietoriamarie Posts: 18Registered Users
Hey guys! I have these two products for sale, the Deva Low Poo is about 97% full, the JCCC is about the same. I've barely barely used these! I'll take 13$ plus shipping for the Deva, and 8$ plus shipping for the JCCC. If you want them both I'll only have to charge once for shipping! :) Please PM me!

Thank youuuu!


  • toriamarietoriamarie Posts: 18Registered Users
    come onnnnn it'll be fun :)
    if you want you could suggest a price you'd like better? i'd rather someone use them than they sit on my shelf!
  • fadingdawnfadingdawn Posts: 51Registered Users
    PM'd you about the JCCC
    2c, DIY BKT, long, super thick!!!
    Currently loving AOHR Shampoo and Tresemme Naturals conditioner. ;-)