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misssuperdivamisssuperdiva Posts: 28Registered Users
Hi! I'm a 3c/4a from Richmond, Va but attending law school in DC. I have been trying to grow longer and healthier hair and have decided to seek assistance and info from other curly chicks. I'm testing products like crazy but have no clue where to start or if what I'm trying is a mess. Feel free to give suggestions. I've been lurking for a while and finally registered yesterday. Thanks!

P.S.- Are Keracare and Nexxuss not good lines for curly hair?
trying to find my staples
Any suggestions on staples and getting my hair to grow longer are greatly appreciated


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    Welcome! How'd you find us?

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • buttercupdreamsbuttercupdreams Posts: 5Registered Users
    Welcome! I went natural and I have been so happy. It took me a minute to get over the fact that I cut a ton of my hair off, but I haven't looked back since.

    Have you had good luck finding salons in DC/VA?
    Love Never Fails.....
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    my roots are natural ,but my hair is kind of straight, do i really have to chop off my hair to get it natural?, my hair is pass my neck,touching the back, but above my sholders. i rather let my hair grow out natural. my cousin did that and she`s fine. gery curl or s curl grew her hair faster, her hair is pass her underarms and its thick(its thick now b/c she not using the s curl or g curl b/c it was thinning her ends) .the hairdresser cut her hair 6 years ago i think ,to get rid of the perm, she was crying b/c it was short,after when you get the s curl or g curl ,the hair won`t break b/c you have to apply gress all the time. did anyone have the same experience? i thought of getting s curl or g curl to grow my hair faster, would that be a bad mistake? a couple of monthes ago i took weave out of my hair, and after i wash my hair ,my hair was so dangle, i didn`t have proper oil for my hair to soften it, alot of my hair came out like the sive of a dinner plate or maybe more, i almost cry is it possible that my hair is shorter now b/c of that? i`m not sure of the length of my hair then,but i knew that my hair grew.
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  • misssuperdivamisssuperdiva Posts: 28Registered Users
    I grew my hair out. I didn't do a big chop

    I found the board through google.

    I have a great hairdresser in DC, but she is pricey, but well worth it.
    trying to find my staples
    Any suggestions on staples and getting my hair to grow longer are greatly appreciated
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    Hi! I'm in Fredericksburg. :D
    ~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
    Trying to find a routine my hair likes!

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