Temporary Chi treatment, thermal reconditioning, any advice?

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Hello Everyone,

I am somewhat new to this site. The last time I logged on I was a junior in highschool. Now I'm a sophmore in college! I'm glad to beback however- I have very curly hair, it is thick as well. I am about a 3A. Anyway, for years I have resisted getting a relaxer because it is damaging to the hair. I'm glad I resisted because now there are new treatments that aren't very damaging and can leave hair permanently straightened or temporarily. I am aiming for the temporary one.

I was looking into getting a temporary Chi treatment. A salon down here (NJ) offers a permanent one and a temporary one which lasts up to sixth months. However I have never tried it or gotten it done. I definitley want to get it done but I want to know if anyone has any feedback on the expierience. I am going to set up a consultation but I would like to hear back first from girls who have curly hair and have had this process done. I rarely leave my hair curly in the fall and winter, so having the thermal reconditioning process would be ideal for me at this point. If anyone has any feedback on this subject please let me know. The more details the better!



Above is a picture of me with curly hair (last year), it's a little longer now. But still very thick.


This is a picture of my hair when it was straight at that time. Again, it is a little longer now but does not straighten that well. It gets frizzy and crazy wthin a day.

http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o216/Natalina87/100_0556.jpg (that's the url in case link doesn't work).

Again, if anyone has any advice or any feedback let me know as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!![/img]

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