I know she isn't a curly at all, but...

moodydovemoodydove Posts: 1,721Registered Users
I love Carey Mulligan and her hair! She's so cute. I want a curly-fro'd version of her haircut. :D

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  • kalanekalane Posts: 424Registered Users
    i'm a huge fan of her pixie haircut. it's so different & cute.
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  • Sarahbeara27Sarahbeara27 Posts: 1Registered Users
    For the past few weeks i have been completely obsessed with her hair cut. I am so tempted to get my hair cut just like hers but everyone i tell/ask says that my hair, being as curly as it is, will turn this adorable hair cut into a miny fro (that is a look i just cannont pull off). I really don't know what to do. Should i just go for it and get the haircut i really really want regardless of the outcome or should i listen to what everyone is telling me and stick to my longish curly hair??
  • xodevinxodevin Posts: 478Registered Users
    Well, if you are able to define your curls it wouldn't look like a fro, unless your hair type turns into a fro naturally when short. So maybe go for it? :)
    curly hair and proud (:

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