should i go for it? please help!

Hi! I'm Alexis, and I'm 13 years old. I've been wanting to try CG for a while now. And then it hit me the other day: I still have curly hair, the curls just aren't as tight as they used to be since I had my relaxer. I used to be a 3b, now I'm more of a 3a/3b. But it's all curls! So, I think I'm gonna try the CG method. I've read stuff about it online, but I'm not sure which sulfate-free products people recommend. I've been looking at the Kinky Curly, Mizani, and Miss Jessie's line of products, but I'm not sure which people have had the best results with! I just want some suggestions, and how exactly to start being a CG. I suggestions for leave-ins, custards, pomades, conditioners, shampoos, the whole works. I was gonna try this method when I got out of school, but two months really isn't that long. If worst comes to worst, I'll just straighten my hair. So, yeah. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :D


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    I'd say start cheap. Here are the most recommended drugstore products on

    Conditioner-wash: Suave Naturals conditioners (any scent) or VO5 conditioners
    Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition
    Styler: A gel without silicones, like the L.A. Looks gels or Herbal Essences gels.

    Really, anything can work as long as it has no sulfates or silicones (-cone, -xane). Keep reading around here and it'll start to make sense. Good luck
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    I agree. Start cheap. If you find something you love, great! You will also be able to get a sense of which ingredients your hair likes. That will help you narrow down which more expensive products to try. When you are ready to try more expensive products, KathyMack from the boards sells samples. Her fotki is in her signature.
    Also, check the 3a and 3b boards and see what people with similar hair properties to yours use.
    Good Luck (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    I totally agree with the above two posts. I am also in your age range, and I started cg one month ago. When I started I bought V05 for my co-wash ($1.50), Giovanni for my rinse-out ($9.00), and herbal essences totally twisted for my gel ($4.00). I also got a high-end product, [buylink=]AG Re:Coil[/buylink], from my stylist for free! So basically I did start off cheaply, mostly because I wanted my mom to agree with my choice to do the cg method and not oppose it because it became too expensive.

    My products are beginning to run out so I am looking for new products to consider. I also discovered a store called Sallys, that carries many products, and it has become my go-to store. I recently bought GVP Conditioning Balm ($6.00 @ Sallys) and I am waiting to use until my current bottle of Viovanni runs out.

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    What 'works best' depends greatly on hair type, though there are some things that seem to be great across the board (pun intended). I'd start cheap and see how your hair reacts first, though. The VO5 and Suave Naturals (only the Naturals range, mind) are cheap and great as co-washes. Suave Coconut is particularly good since it's got a bit of protein in it. Some people still use shampoos (sulfate and non sulfate alike); I particularly like Curl Junkie's Daily Fix. I've heard that baby shampoos are also generally quite good if you must use a shampoo.

    Rinse-out conditioners can get tricky. Some people can just use Suave/VO5 for everything, while some of us have to do a bit of spending in this area. If you can get hold of them, the Aubrey Organics conditioners are really good (but a little expensive). Sallys, Aldi's, and Walgreen's do a generic version of Biolage's Conditioning Balm, which is a bit of a love-hate product (some people adore it, some people hate it) - I mention it because the generic is pretty good value. Garnier also does one conditioner that is CG - I'm not sure which one it is in the US (in the UK it's the Repair and Shine one).

    As far as styling goes, I'd start out with a clear gel, either something like LA Looks Sport, or plain aloe gel. You can move on from there.

    In my humble opinion, Curl Junkie and Kinky Curly are the best value for money (all of them last ages when used properly), but they can be quite expensive to use immediately, especially when you don't know what your hair likes.

    The last bit of advice I have is to be patient. If something doesn't work the first time, try a few more times, or try it in a different way (e.g., if you're using something as a rinse-out, but you're still dry, try using it as a leave-in as well). If it still doesn't work, put it at the back of your closet, do something else for a month or two, and try it again. Keep note of what products seem to give you good hair days and if they have any ingredients in common. This can help you later on when buying new products. Also, CG can take a while to work, particularly if you have a lot of damage. At first, you may notice a lot of excess oil - that's normal. It will go away, but it may take a month or two to totally revert to normal. Similarly, you may notice an immediate improvement when you begin co-washing, and then you may notice that your hair gets worse or doesn't continue getting better. This is when looking at specific ingredients for sensitivities (or for things your hair LOVES) can be helpful. For perspective, it took 10 months for me to get my hair into really good condition. Patience is a virtue here, but it does pay off. :-)
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