Newbie Lovin Every Minute!

spokenthrumusicspokenthrumusic Registered Users Posts: 1
My bc was on Dec 4. I live in a town that isn't culturally aware and tryin to think of different ideas to keep my scalp moisturized. I work out a lot and try to deep condition once every 5 days. I'm new and trying to maintain and grow my lovely locks! Any help is good help!


  • mochahontasmochahontas Registered Users Posts: 14
    I have found that my scalp/hair stays moisturized if I cowash every other day, or every three days with LOTS of conditioner, and not rinse the conditioner completely out. It needs water.

    I also sometimes do overnight hot oil treatments by massaging my scalp with a very light oil (currently using olive oil), then rinse it out in the morning. Sometimes I don't rinse it out b/c the hair was so dry (from neglect:oops: haha), it just soaks the olive oil up like a sponge, and in a few hours is completely detangled and moisturized. hth

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