I need a recipe to unclog drain?!

xLilQnBxxLilQnBx Registered Users Posts: 12
lol I know this particular board is 4 recipes for hair and body but......
my hair has dominated my drain
and I was curious, before I go buy these pricey chemicals to unclog my drains, if anyone has a recipe that will unclog my drain....something that can..disintegrate the hair that's clogging it....

thanx ahead of time.


  • girlysoxfangirlysoxfan Registered Users Posts: 155
    1/2 cup baking soda, 1 C vinegar...let it set for 30 minutes, then pour 1 gallon of boiling water down after it. Works like a charm on my slow drain...hope it works for you!
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  • coilynappcoilynapp Registered Users Posts: 4,233
    I've never tried anything homemade for this, but if it's hair that is down the drain, you can just open up your drain (just unscrew the stopper and pick up the gunk. It's gross (but it's all you though lol!), but it works and you don't need to do anything else. I use old tweezers to do this.

    if indeed it is hair, bs and vinegar will not dissolve it, they will just dissolve the dead skin and other stuff that's stuck down there.
  • sunshowersunshower Registered Users Posts: 229
    i pour a spoonful or two of lye down the drain and it dissolves whatever's clogging it. i make soap so i always have lye around.
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  • xLilQnBxxLilQnBx Registered Users Posts: 12
    Well i just did the vinegar/bakingsoda thing.
    Now i just have to let it sit for 30mins.
    hopefully that works.

    if not, i'll try the lye..

    and hopefully i don't have to go in there myself but i guess you're right; it is all me lol

    thankss for the ideas!

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