Recommendations before coloring

saw_grsaw_gr Registered Users Posts: 6
I have almost been 30 days on cg and it is great! I need to color my hair and have an appointment next week. When I went cg, I also did an aphogee protein treatment and my hair loved it. Do you think I should do a deep treatment before color or after? It is Redken products and it won't be lift the color just depositing.

If anyone has any recommendations on deep treatment products I would really appreciate it. I used to use Ouidad products but the formulas are not the same, the deep treatment has a lot of quats in it and it just isn't for me anymore.

I apologize for spelling, my monitor died getting a new one next week but I am stuck with a crt piece of paper screen and I just can't see anymore.



  • CurlyToastCurlyToast Registered Users Posts: 579
    General rule, as I have heard an employed it, is that pre-color treatments can/should be done 2-3 days before color. After-color treatments should be 7-10 days, as most oil and protein Tx can pull color.

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