Shaving my head for cancer research !

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Hi everyone!

My name is Rylee and I'm 20 years old. Recently I decided that I would like to shave my head for cancer research. This is a brand new idea but we would really like to make it happen. I want to raise AT LEAST $1,000 dollars. We are working on getting an online website in which you can pledge money for the cause, but right now all we have is a facebook group to get an idea of whether or not we can truly make this happen. If you are interested in donating, please search the group "Rylee Lutz will shave her head." on facebook (if you have a facebook) and write on the wall the pledge amount.

I love my hair and this is going to be super hard to do, but totally worth it! please support a great cause


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    Congratulations on being such a super person! :notworthy:

    I recently had my head shaved in two places because I had brain tumor surgery (very serious but not cancer) and it took about 5 months for it to grow long enough to curl again. I have increased compassion for cancer survivors who have to lose their hair due to chemo.

    I think you are doing a really great thing and I applaud you. If karma works, you should have a great life, because you are a heroine. I hope many people join you.
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