Anyone know anything about nerve problems?

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Today at work I got poked by a cactus spine. It hit the nerve & maybe the bone at the base of my right index finger towards the back of my hand.

Now when I move my finger and hand in a certain direction, a sharp painful feeling like electricity makes me cringe & grab the area.

Will this pain eventually go away or will I always have nerve problems (like I was told would happen with the pinched nerve in my neck & upper back/shoulder area)?


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    This may or may not help.

    I got a shot of demoral in my hip before my tonsilectomy when I was 16. She hit a nerve, or bunch of nerves, and I had problems in that area for years. It would itch all the time, and sometimes I'd get that feeling you described and I had to crouch down to bend my hip to stop it. Eventually, although years later, it went away.
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    I guess I should just get seen by my physician then. Maybe get it documented as an injury on the job. I can't go without use of my dominant hand, especially getting back into admin work in the future.

    Gawd, it hurts to pour a glass or pitcher of water, open any type of door, write, reach into my purse when it's sitting on the passenger seat, even just to touch it! It even hurts a little bit not doing anything & feels kind of like it's warm.

    D@mn cacti & work-issued cotton-rubber gloves that don't protect against much! :evil:
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    I know what your feeling :( Except mine is my hip and entire left leg!! And please dont tell me it goes away after YEARS!! This sucks!!

    Good luck with the hand!
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    I had a weird sharp tingling in my arm that started after I donated blood...too close to a nerve, I guess. It did go away after a week or two. I think the situation with your neck is different because you have something constantly pressing on your nerve.
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    This morning I woke to not being able to bend my finger & pain & warmness radiating to my thumb & across the back of my hand near the knuckles, in addition to what happened yesterday, so I went to see a doc.

    The doc thinks the nerve was hit or very close too it & it'll eventually get better, plus there might be tendon damage or tendon infection starting. He put me on keflex to ward it off & had his nurse splint & wrap my finger to keep me from bumping or using it accidentally.

    I think it just took me a good 15 minutes to type all that out! :roll:
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    Yikes!!! Get thee to a doctor!!

    Hope it is ok.
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    Thanksgiving weekend I took the heavy boxes of Christmas decorations down from the rafters and manipulated them down the stairs. I don't remember doing anything to hurt myself, but the next day the muscles in my shoulders were tight and had some pain. That pain went away but then I had pain in my left shoulder and upper left arm. The pain was very deep and only hurt when I drove, diffused my hair, sat at my desk, etc.

    I went to the doctor on Dec. 7th and she said I was having muscle spasms and prescribed Soma and told me to take OTC Ibuprofen. The pain is still there but now I have an added symptom. For the past week my left arm is tingling and numb. Just like when your leg or arm fall asleep. It hurts to walk on the treadmill, sleep in certain positions, sit at my desk, sit on the toilet, drive, and cross my arms. These all cause that numb tingling, annoying feeling. Almost like being poked by needles. I am still taking Soma and have a couple weeks left on it, but I'm thinking maybe it is a pinched nerve and need to go back to the doctor.
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    Pinksugar, the numbness and tingling do sound like a pinched nerve to me. I think you might not to wait 2 weeks to see your doctor.
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    Thanks for the reply SuZen. I have an appt. today.
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    I just got back from seeing my doctor. She did say I am still having muscle spasms in my neck. But she also did a reflex test and my left arm didn't move when she hit it, my right arm shot up in the air. They took x-rays of my spine, I have to wear a neck brace (collar) in the morning and night, and she gave me neck and back exercises to do.
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    Ouch! I hope the brace and the exercises help.
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    SuZen - I forgot to say your diagnosis was correct, she thinks I have a pinched nerve.
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    Aha! I'm no doctor, but I'm not a bad diagnostician.