Ideal Summer Conditioners?

LoveFriedaLoveFrieda Registered Users Posts: 52
Does anyone have any suggestions for Summer conditioners. I have read the thread on what to change between seasons and the reccomendations, but most of them were all very high-end products. Does anyone have any conditioners that have worked for them in the summer that can be found at drugstores, Sally's Beauty Supply, or organic stores?
2b-2c ~~ Fine-Medium Hair ~~ High Porosity ~~ Normal Elasticity
CG AS OF 2/16/10
Now use low-poo....AWESOME RESULTS (switched 3/28/10)

Low-Poo: Giovanni TTT Shampoo
Rinse-Out: GVP Conditioning Balm
Stylers: LA Looks Sport Gel

Current methods: Icequeen Method, then plop for 30 minutes (diffuse if needed)


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