guess what, I'm new too :)

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Hey girls, I've had bookmarked forever, but I haven't spent much time here... I just got a bad haircut though, and I've come for advice, or at least just some sympathy. :( Wish I was joining under better conditions, but I really look forward to talking with you all!!

*runs off to post in the 2's forum*


  • snowygirlsnowygirl Posts: 4Registered Users
    don't worry i've had several bad haircuts before. that all changed when we found someone who new how to cut curly hair. if you want some pretty cool hairstyles, go to pick a model who looks like you and choose what kind of hairstyles you want ect. ect.
    i haven't tried any of them yet but i plan to :)
  • joannacjoannac Posts: 8Registered Users
    Oh, cool site, thanks. :) I think the problem is that the stylist I went to knew how to cut curly hair, but not wavy hair... he kept telling me that my hair would really curl up when I let it air dry (he dried it with a diffuser) so I was really disappointed that it hardly curled up at all. Hopefully I'll figure something out that I'm okay with soon...
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    You are beautiful!

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