No-poo and relaxers - anyone do this?

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My cousin relaxes (or presses straight) her hair but is seeing some baldness in her crown. Her daughter asked me for recommendations.

I've been CG w/ no poo for 2 years, so I'm not exactly sure what will work for her. My thinning spots were really caused by too much manipulation and dry hair back when I used shampoo. When I stopped shampooing the added moisture in my hair kept it from breaking at the root (shaft was more pliable).

Can you relax your hair (she's 4a at least) and no-poo? Or straight press your hair and no-poo? Does it make for healthier hair?
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    I think the combination of the two processes are damaging your cousin's hair. Ideally no pooing or using a non SLS containing poo should make your hair more moisturized. Deep conditioning with a protien/moisturizing conditioner (I use Organic root stimulator olive oil replenishing or ion effective care treatment) is a must. How often does she chemically relax? Could she try stretching her relaxing frequency? Could she use styles that do not require that much straightening (i.e. braid outs/twists outs) to rest her hair? She can use (lightly) olive oil to aid with moisturizing and massage rosemary oil into the balding areas.
    Good Luck to her:)

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