"Liquid Keratin" ???

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New here ... great to have this board available to us!

I am a 2a. I had the brazillian blowout 5 months ago. I kind of loved it :confused3: at first. HOWEVER, I then had more highlights put in my hair... next the brazillian began fading and then I saw that, YIKES! My hair was breaking off :cry:. It's long and I would like to keep it that way :). Soooo..... I'm in a situation where I can't go anywhere to have the brazilian or keratin done anywhere BUT I would really like to get that keratin back in the hair to help in strengthen back up.

Prior to reading about the different treatments, I had initially heard about the "Liquid Keratin" treatment. In a rush, I ordered it right away, today.

As I was reading again over the reviews I saw on it after searching a few days ago, I recalled someone mentioned it is critical one uses a 450 degree flat iron with this treatment for it to work it's best. My iron tops out at 400 degrees. Will this suffice as hot enough for this treatment?

Next "dilemma": I then found a natural product on folica: Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (actually made of Keratin, which is the first ingredient on the list). Then I see here that Coppola is very popular here on this site.

Since I am more concerned about assisting my hair to look healthier again and am not really concerned about cost, which would someone recommend? Is the "Liquid Keratin" at least a temporary solution until I can reach my salon or should I cancel/send this back and order one of the alternative treatments mentioned, because it is just hands down, a higher quality product?

Again, I am so happy this site is available to us. Any insight and experience on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)


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    Liquid Keratin was a total waste of money for me. It did absolutely NOTHING to my hair and I followed the directions exactly. I was lucky though- a lot of posters on here had serious damage to their hair and on people who had their hair lightened (highlighted or dyed) it ruined their color. If you search "Liquid Keratin" you'll find the thread.

    I would advise against this product. You're better off just deep conditioning and laying off the heat for a little while. I started using a leave-in called ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin treatment. It's available at Sally's for 7.99. It really helps with damage and strengthening- no heat required. Hope this helps.
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