How do you check the shipping status of an order?

toriamarietoriamarie Registered Users Posts: 18
from curl mart? i've looked everywhere and i just can't figure it out!

thank you : )


  • MissCurlGirlMissCurlGirl Registered Users Posts: 141
    Login to curlmart
    Click the orders history on the right hand side
    Select the date range or all dates
    Once that comes up you will see all the orders you placed.
    The status column tells you what stage the order is in and if it says "complete" just click on complete on the order you want to check. It will bring up the order and at the very bottom you will see your tracking number.

    I order a lot so I am constantly checking to see when my goodies will arive :blob4:
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  • Shelly FontanaShelly Fontana Registered Users Posts: 253

    Thank you MissCurlGirl!

    Shelly Fontana

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