It feels so weird saying "My stylist". Feels REALLY weird saying "Fire my stylist"

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I've been going to the same hair salon since 6th grade. Getting my hair done by the same person. She did my hair when it was natural for a while, while it was fully relaxed, and she does it now...anyway, I don't know if I should keep going. When she washes my hair, she isn't gentle with it (which she should be, right? Since the line of demarcation is so fragile). When she presses my hair (I really want to stop getting my hair pressed, but I don't know what I'll do once I stop), she uses, sticky-looking stuff that I suspect is full of petroleum. That among other things, I don't know if she is right for my hair anymore. I like her a lot as a person, :? Should I stop going? I'm 16, btw.
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    Why dont you just ask her not to be so rough with your hair... if she takes your advice then you know you can trust her with your hair and if not then you can decided if your want to find another stylist or remain with her.

    As for pressing your hair if your no longer interested in doing so then research different transitional styles. There are so many different styles that your can do in the privacy of your own home.
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    Well maybe you should tell her about this website and all the stuff your not sappoused to be putting in your hair. Like the above poster said ask her to be more gentle. If she doesn't like your suggestions or continues to use things that are bad for your hair well then stop going.

    As for transitioning styles there are LOADS of different things you can try. Braid outs, twist outs, roller sets, bantu nots. I havnt done any of these I usually just split my hair down my neck and braid both sides when when. That way I have wave in the morning and my relaxed hair blends in with my new growth. Oh also have you heard of the curlformers? There next on my hit list.
    btw im 16 too.

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