if u need help with curly hair you've come to the right girl

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i know quite a bit about curly hair but i'm still learning, so feel free to post hints and tips or corect me about something, i'll only give positive feedback 8)


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    Welcome,Snowygirl! :) Looking forward to some of your tips.
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    Welcome! :D
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  • miralriomiralrio Posts: 6Registered Users
    Hi, I'm new. I need a lot of help with my hair. I cut my hair this past Saturday. I cut it all off. I have some growth (i'm guessing my natural hair grows pretty fast) it's growing straight out of my head. It doesn't have any curl to it yet though. I'm guessing maybe I am a 4a or 4b. My question is this, how do I know if I am a 4a or 4b and is it ok to wash and condition my hair ( well actually my head being that I don't have much hair) daily? I use always shampoo and conditioner.
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  • alsgal5alsgal5 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Ok, as i posted before, my hair is of course naturally curly and I've used a flat iron on it 50% of the time for over 2 years now and the curls around my face and the top layer have become not completly straight, but has lost the curl and have become limp and ugly. So in order for me to fix my hair, I have to use either the round curling iron or go ahead and use the dreaded flat iron. Either way I do no have my pretty bouncy curls that I use to have befor the flat iron. I've used curl energzing products and nothing is helping. Do you or anyone else know something I don't?
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    alsgal5 I have the same problem. :( My hair was orginally 3b/3c but wavy around the back. At times I would use flat irons or straightening balms to make my hair straight or all wavy. Well after a few months of using phyto and flat iron I decided I was tired of it and time to be free.Noticed that most of my hair is now wavy like a 2b with curls here and there and I haven't found anything to bring back that curl or bounce either. I've just been using strengthening shampoos and conditioners...lanza and kiehls work the best...hair stays shiny,soft and healthy looking, and I've just left my hair alone. Air dry and up in a funky bun or some up-swept do. 1-2 inches from my roots are still curly , so when I pull it back that texture and defintion just out shines the rest of my hair. I've been getting more compliments now on my hair than before. :D . Hang in there. You are not alone in this hair war.
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    Thank you so much for ur curl concern. I've started doing the very thing you've suggested and also in case you didnt know when I wash my hair I dont pile it on top of my head while sudsing and same with conditioning. Also, instead of wrapping my hair in a turbin on top of my head, I simply cover my head with a towel a wrap it underneth my hair and tuck. That way it helps with keeping shape without breakage and dosen't tangle as badly.
    Hope you can use this 411 and that it is helpful.
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    Do you think as you've used products to protect the hair from heat damage and so forth that the build up of silicones oils etc are now preventing your hair from forming its natrual curl.

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